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New Book Offer

Recently published, A Place of Grace, A Resurrected Church's Journey to Vitallity,  provides tools to grow your church into a strong vital congregation. 

Chapter Titles include:

  Growing in Christ

  Growing in Fellowship

  Growing in Ministry

  Growing in Visibility

  Growing in Numbers

  Growing in Hospitality


It is available in bookstores and online through, Barns & and others. It is available in softback book form or in a digital format for your Nook and E-readers.     The book was featured at the 2015 Christian Product Expo in Hershey, PA. 


The book can also be purchaed through the author.   Send a check for $15.00 to cover postage and handling to:

Rev. William Webster

711 South Market Street

New Wilmington, PA


Autographed copies are available. 


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