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Free Coaching!


4,500 churches close their doors forever each year.   In the United States, in 2023 the total number of active churches totaled 1/2 the number there were in existence in 1914!   And yet our national population continues to grow.  We want your church to grow and be a vital congregation as well.

Our heart is for the small to mid-size church.  We desire to see them grow and be health. Since this is our goal, we have kept all of our fees low in order to better enable these churches, which sometimes struggle with limited resources, the ability to prosper.

Most of our fees are developed on a sliding scale.  To find out just how affordable it is to help your church be fruitful, call Rev. Jim Farrer (814-629-5211) today.  See just how inexpensive it is to have Vital Signs Consulting Firm come to your church! 

Pastors are you feeling stuck, burned out, living with conflict? Do you desire your church to grow and be vital?   This is your invitation to schedule a free consultation by calling Vital Signs today or tonight at  814-629-5211.

Have you ever Considered a Coach?

Today may be the first time that you have ever considered uniting with someone who is outside of your church for support and encouragement.  The very thought can be intimidating.  With Vital Signs there is no long-term commitment. You have complete access to a coach to help you implement the plans you made during a planning session.  Your coach will continually connect with you and connect you to valuable resources which will empower you to grow your church.

BUT before deciding if a coach is something you would like - take it for a test drive!   Call Vital Signs at  814-629-5211 to set up a free 30 minute coaching session!   This first time coaching session is by telephone.  Call about your ministry, your congregation, church dreams and frustrations.


We also answer emergency, "I just had a horrible board meeting!" calls.


Call Jim at 814-629-5211to set up your time!


Call now for a free 30
minute Coaching Session!
with Jim @ 814-629-5211 or Bill @ 740-359-1813

"The ministry yard stick is those who are missing not those who are present."

Doug Fields, Author

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Put some coffee on, get some donuts and we can be on the road to meet with you individually, with your leadership, or with your congregation. 

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