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Some Seminars



A 3 hour workshop/seminar that will raise your evangelistic enthusiasm empowering your people to be become involved in reaching out to their friends and relatives who do not attend a church.  Evangelism Systems will be introduced which includes, Servant Evangelism, challenging the congregation to be engaged in the local community, and methods of praying for the un-churched.      






This workshop provides the necessary tools to empower you and your congregation to discover new ways to increase your church's giving.    You will receive material to help you iimplement new strategies for Sunday as well as new methods to increase donations, ideas on how to develop 'extravagant' givers, while becoming empowered to slay your financial dragon! 







Breaking Growth Barriers 



Has your church plateaued in its worship attendance?   Every church reaches growth barriers.  The growth barriers have been seen to be at 65, 125, 250, 500 people in worship.  In our half day seminar you will learn how to break through your barrier as you begin growing.   Through the seminar you gain information and motivation as you learn various principles that will lead your congregation to reach its potential.      

















Living Out the Great Commission,







Jesus issued the command to go out into our world and tell others about what GOD has done.   Jesus issued a command.  It was not a suggestion.   In our seminar you will learn creative ways to live out the great commission.   You will learn that there are basically five different types of churches and discover which model best fits your congregation.   Did you know that if you invite 7 people to worship 4 (63%) will respond positively and one (25%) will visit your church,  all because you invited them!        














Leading Like Andrew




Jesus' Apostle Andrew is only mentioned a few times in the Gospel of John.   Each time his name is mentioned Andrew is doing something.   He is bringing someone to Jesus.   You will learn who Andrew brought to Jesus and what it means today to lead like Andrew.   In this half day seminar you will gain the tools to immediately implement evangelic methods in your congregation.  

Some Special Components



+ Now What? How the church operates Post Pandemic


+ Doing Church in Hard Times

+ Why It's Harder Today


+ Jump Starting the Plateaued Church


+ The Little Engine That Could


+ Strengths You Can Build Upon


+ Easy Entry Evangelism


+ 11 Serious Strategies for Church Dropouts


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